Fixing Our Food Truck to Make it Perfect (& Up to Code)



The time has come to renovate! The weather has warmed up, the birds are singing the people are hungry! My mother, Mary Massie, has graciously offered up her garage as storage space, as we needed to gut the truck, so far we have : removed the ceiling panels, cold table, mini-fridge, freezer (which will not be added back in but sold or used for personal use) the shelving and we ripped up the floor.

Next Steps are as follows:

1) Electric – Our good friend Jon is an electrician who has offered to help us re-wire the truck,  in ONE day he came up with five or six different electric layouts for us to choose from after meeting with us! Jon is helping us to meet the Heath Department’s request for more lighting, which we agree we absolutely need.

2) Logo – As with this entire project, luck is on our side, I work with a very talented Graphic Designer and photographer, Rob Wappner, (See his Facebook page here.)Rob has helped us design a logo with printed menus and business cards to come. We are really happy with the way the logo turned out, thanks Rob!

We had to narrow down our logo design, Rob came up with so many solid ideas, what a fun process! 






3) Menu Pricing – We have narrowed down our menu options and have about 12 tacos and sliders we will be rotating seasonally, this makes it easy for us to pull on off the side lines and onto the menu. Of course we will still be dreaming and creating threw out the year. We also have wontons, vegetable fried rice, sushi and some soup and salad recipes ready to go! My favorite option so far is The Korean Taco: shaved bulgogi beef, onions, toasted sesame and topped with fresh greens, green onion and a miso dressing, finished with crumbled queso fresco! 

4) Menu Taste Testing – Mansfield Book Club, which meets every Tuesday evening, has been a massive help with their taste buds! Aaron and I are always cooking up treats to taste test on our friends, many thanks to Nick, Addison and Sly especially for their feedback.

5) Equipment purchasing- Equipment such as: new prep fridge and table, POS system and burners have been priced, right now we are searching the internet for even better deals and craigslist for some sort of food equipment miracle. One miracle has already occurred our friend Kevin Yohn owner of Tacos Tantos in Kent, Ohio has an extra prep table he is throwing our way for the price of a few good beers, what a’dude!

6) Exterior Renovations- B.S. Creations in Madison has worked with us to create a creative, eye-catching color scheme and design for the truck. Blue-Green almost teal color block at the bottom of the truck, a strip of light orange- a Cream sickle color, and off-white or “Vanilla Shake” for the top block of the truck. We went with some old school ice cream truck colors as a nod to the history of food trucks!
The only issue is the truck is too tall to fit into their workspace, they may have to take the truck to a friends airplane hanger to get it painted. The truck is quite a large beauty! 


7) Interior Renovations – Aaron and I have removed the floors, ceilings and scraped and worked away at rust, B.S. Creations is going to help us get the counter tops up to code by creating a stainless steel piece to cover some gaps. In addition, the scrap stainless steal will be used to cover the cabinet under the sink, should look quite nice when finished. Pictures to come!


8) Engine Repairs – Our beauty of a diesel engine is running so well since we bought two new batteries. Our good friend Matt Snyder, “Sly”, has been our go to for all things food truck, we really cannot thank him enough! Sly is going to help us put in a new filter, spark plugs and a few other odds and ends. He helped us purchase the truck and we made sure to get an engine that was ready to go, so luckily there isn’t much more to do.

Thank you to our friends and family for their love, support and assistance, we really couldn’t do it without you!


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