Food Truck Journey – Picking A Name


Picking a Name

What’s in a name? Picking a name was one of the more challenging aspects of starting our own mobile food truck business. We went back and forth several times on how and what to name the truck. At first we had a flooding of kick ass names flowing from the mouth, but a quick Google search made us realize many others thought that name was great as well. One day we hope to expand the business toward wholesaling our sauces, starting an urban farm etc. so having our own unique name is vital. 
Ideally we wanted a name that described our food, but not so narrow as to limit our menu creativity. We wanted something that screamed local, green and fresh, but some of our menu items are not always going to be local, we are choosing to source as locally as possible, however (although by 2019 we hope to be 80% locally sourced if not more!) items such as miso and sesame seeds will need to be sourced outside of Ohio. My personal passion is farming so I hope to grow/make all that is needed for the truck in my back 10 acres one day, dare to dream! 

Food Truck Name Game – Oh the Possibilities!

We started the process by throwing out words/possible name combinations we felt described our vision: 
“Terra = land, fresh, happy, mellow, fast, daily truck, fusion. The Rising Garlic, A Moveable Feast, Cup and Chaucer, Urban sprawl cafe, the field food truck, food and archery, blue bowl special, beer in mind, Belle pepper, sergeant peppers, the bent spoon, tasty spoon, garlic kitchen, mobile kitchen, Fresh-field, mobile cafe, call it green, cheesy panic, cheese palace, cheese o jeeze, mt. cheese, mobile seasonal, sea son mobile, the deer mobile cafe, heartland mobile cafe, the farm belt, The Field mobile cafe, city of fresh, flyby mobile cafe, food buggy, fresh flesh, fresh fusion, got thyme? mobile cafe, get ya greens, glass half full cafe,  leaf and stalk cafe, local motive, pass the greens, green digest, fresh on wheels, Super A food truck, the green garlic, the garlic project, garlic closet, garlic factory, and AJ’s annual Party” … just to name a few.
Aaron and I would text each other to throw out the day ideas of names, back and forth non-stop, until one day he sent this:


Altered Eats, seems to suit us! “Altered” sums up our vision for fusion food:
Asian tacos, sushi with different sorts of fillings, american classics such as sliders with ethnic classic fillings.

“Eats” feels playful fun and appetizing! 
Part of Aaron’s inspiration was the cult classic movie: “Altered States”, a Science Fiction film about a professor who experiments with isolation tanks with some very interesting and at times frightening results. The movie doesn’t have anything to do with food, but I would say it’s worth a watch.

We are pleased to present Altered Eats.


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